Travel with ethical and responsible creations of designers and craftsmen of the world
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  • 366 Concept

    366 Concept is a brand reviving Polish design. The brand began in 2014 by reintroducing to the market on the exclusive license the legendary 366 Easy Chair designed by Joseph Chierowski in 1962.

    366 Concept believes that business is not only about the product or the price tag, but also about how things are done. That is why brand puts great effort into making business fair: sustainable, eco-friendly and socially conscious. All products are manufactured exclusively in Poland, in modern, safe plants, by experienced craftsmen with whom we have worked for years. More than 10 specialists work on each product, and propose you a top quality collection made with love from Poland.

  • A A K S

    AAKS was founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi with the goal of introducing the world to her favourite weaving techniques done by the women of Ghana while also creating and igniting sustainable jobs within Africa. The essence of AAKS design philosophy is a complex combination of thoughts, design element which come from a critical attention to craftsmanship, authenticity and ethical values in their production ; while having a strong sense of identity and quality. Each collection silhouette is unique and tells a different story through detail, colour and shape. 

  • Adjamée

    Adjamée, it’s the encounter between a woman, Talissa, and a market.

    Adjamé a famous district in Abidjan, known for its market wearing the same name. And when we know that Adjamé means the encounter in Tchaman, there’s no doubt anymore. That's how it all started, Adjamé with an “e” as we use it in French for anything that is related to feminine conjugation.

    From the West to the East, the same mission continues: the "quest for the perfect fabric". Looking for diversity, relief, material, mastery of a dye or hand-making.

    If the first collection originated between Ivory Coast and Ghana, inspiration continues along the way from other countries. 

    The Adjamée universe promotes spontaneity, always in order to illuminate our daily lives.Through the objects that surround us, Adjamée’s creations have no limit and will not cease to surprise you.

  • ames

    Hola Colombia, Hola vibrant living. ames’ mission is to develop furniture and home accessories that speak to the hearts and minds of people who value cosmopolitan lifestyles. The blend  of different cultural influences results in designs for modern and unconventional, multi-functional and versatile interior concepts. Each of ames’ product families includes many different design variations, thus allowing customised interior solutions.
    The different materials and material combinations, as well as a large range of colours, upholstery textiles and frames support an almost limitless variety of designs for both the home and the contract sector. ames places the greatest importance on resource-friendly production, using sustainable and natural materials. All products are manufactured according to German or, respectively, Colombian craft traditions.

  • AS'ART

    Since 1991, AS’ART supports crafts from developing countries in accordance with the three principles of sustainable development: environmental protection, social equity, sustainable management. The principle of pleasure is one of our other fundamental values. Enjoying colors, materials, people. Pleasure of the eyes, pleasure of the senses. Decoration no longer means forgetting about design.

  • Atelier de Williams

    "I throw porcelain which I then cover with celadon enamel, personnally prepared in my workshop. Then I fire in a gas oven at 1,290°. Unique pieces and small series for decoration. Tableware is a choice I am particulary fond of. I also produce black stoneware which I fire at 1,290°. I have been doing so for the past seven years."

  • AY Illuminate

    Be it eye-catching lights made from cotton or paper, the designers of Ay illuminate always work with what they find in nature and cultures around the world. In close cooperation with artisans in Asia and Africa, they explore the natural materials and traditional skills at hand. This results in contemporary, organically shaped designs, created by local techniques in natural materials. Ay illuminate’s products celebrate the unique beauty of traditional handicrafts around the globe.

  • AYTM

    AYTM designs luxury home interior and small furniture in timeless designs. AYTM approaches the concept of Nordic design in a sophisticated and elegant manner with focus on high quality and exquisite details. In spite of their simple idiom, the products are eye-catching and impactful.
    The AYTM collection includes very decorative items as well as more functional home interiors. It has all been created with focus on contrasts of materials and surfaces, but in a beautifully balanced and soft colour palette.

  • Bloomingville

    Driven by a fascination of Nordic style and living, Creative Director Betina Stampe established Bloomingville in 2000. Since then, she has shared her passion for creative ways of keeping the home in a mode of constant change with people all across the globe. Along the way Betina’s husband, Simon Stampe, became CEO and Bloomingville has in the past 15 years grown into one of the main global brands for home interior.
    Despite the massive popularity and growth the Bloomingville mission has stayed the same: Delivering happy changes to everyday designers. This mission is made possible by a wide selection of fashionable products, reasonable prices, good quality and a high service level.

  • Broste Copenhagen

    Broste Copenhagen is more than just interior design. It is a way of life that we are eager to share with the world around us. Therefore, we create our products to reach a wide range of customers, not just the few. Broste Copenhagen is one of Scandinavia’s leading interior brands, based in Copenhagen and originates back to 1955. We have a long tradition of travelling the world for inspiration and materials, as we Scandinavians have always done. Processing is gentle, so the original feel of the material and its character remain intact – with focus on high quality and our wellknown Nordic signature in the final design.

  • Cane-Line

    Cane-line is a Danish design company with 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing functional and comfortable furniture. Life made comfortable is the very essence of Cane-line. All over the world Cane-Line mission is the same – to make life comfortable and add value to life and the places where you unwind and relax. The brand is constantly focusing on quality, innovative technologies and comfort in both products and life to ensure that furniture is made with the greatest care for the environment and the well being of people.

  • Datcha

    Datcha’s founders, Amandine Furhmann and Mériadek Caraës, both educated in Fine Arts and the History of Art, met each another ten years ago and have worked together ever since in the world of Art and Design. This project, developed over a long period of time, is the culmination of a mutual passion for the craft industry and decoration.
    "Fascinated by the riches of craftsmanship, its diversity and its many expressions, we have wished to explore these domains and with them, cultivate our own creation. Each collection begins with research and the discovery of a specific form of production in a region, a material, a technique or particular colours which make up the identity of local heritage. This encounter creates a continuous dialogue with artisans, between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary demands. Like them, we wish to preserve these traditions and this heritage, handed down through generations and to see them live on."

  • David & David Studio

    David & David Studio is a studio of photography creation for wall decoration created in 2008 by Laurence and Philippe David, who both have a passion for digital photography. The photos offered by D&D Studio are majorly original pieces signed by Laurence or Philippe David. Post-production, printing and handcrafted finish are carried out in the D&D Studio workshop in the South-East of France. Thus D&D Studio is completely autonomous on every stage of the manufacturing, which enables a quality-control efficient for each step of the process.

  • Design House Stockholm

    The ambition of Design House stockholm is to gather a collection of the very best Scandinavian design today. The term Scandinavian refers to a philosophic and aesthetic perspective, rather than geography and nationality: "we have French, German, Australian, American and Chilean designers in our network. The result is a collection of design classics with timeless appeal and qualities that outlives temporary trends."
    Design House Stockholm work with both established and unknown designers. Their focus is on developing great products rather than name-dropping.

  • Elements optimal

    Elements optimal is a Danish contemporary design brand, whose ambition is to create original iconic timeless pieces. Elements optimal believes in harmony and free spirit thinking and want to shape today and tomorrow with vibrant, authentic high quality products that challenges conventional thinking. Each product is meticulously created with highly skilled craftsmanship. The brand collaborates with innovative & independent designers from around the world and believe in strong relationships with end users of the products.

  • Emko

    EMKO is a meeting of young makers, an exciting, youthful enterprise determined to create, showcase and market the latest in contemporary home-related design. We work wood into furniture, textiles into rugs and carpets, metal and glass into lighting objects. We invest time, knowledge and feelings into beautiful objects. We create for tomorrow today. At EMKO, we’re committed to bringing into the world objects designed to enter a long-term relationship with you, their user. Simple, intelligent and fun commodities that become part of the family, that are reliable, sociable, natural, that inspire you in your work and age gracefully. Companions to your life’s story.

  • ENOstudio

    ENOstudio was created ten years ago, with the ambition of publishing everyday objects, furniture and lighting of quality, with a durable, simple and poetic design.

    The publishing house draws its inspiration from a dreamlike universe and offers a sensitive vision of design. Both soft and pure, ENOstudio's aesthetics allow itself all the freedom to propose a certain vision of a relaxed and curious art of living.

  • Ferm Living

    A sincere passion for design, craftsmanship and aesthetics was the essential element in the foundation of Ferm Living back in 2006. From our base in Copenhagen, we have developed a distinctive and
    confident design during the years bringing life and beauty to your home.
    We believe in always challenging ourselves with collections ranging from accessories over furniture to lighting. We create contemporary designs with a touch of mid-century charm in line with our Scandinavian design heritage.
    It's part of our DNA to take good care of the origin of our products, so we produce everything in line with the traditions of craftsmanship in honest materials and a keen eye for detail. By honest materials, we think of clean, real commodities with a minimal impact on the environment.
    We design products for the small and candid moments in everyday life. Drawing on our unique design vocabulary, we have subtle designs for every corner of your life. And we love what we do.

  • Fést

    FEST Amsterdam was founded in 2013 from a personal need for well-designed furniture without the high-end prices. Owner Femke Furnée decided to fulfil this need by designing affordable furniture and home accessories herself. Fést believes that beautiful, well-designed products can make people happy.

    All furniture collection is completely made in Europe - the majority even within The Netherlands.

  • Flyte

    Flyte is a small team of creatives, engineers, designers and artists who met in Sweden. Their goal is to create intelligent and inspiring products with the absolute WOW factor. With a background in branding, communication and product design, Flyte creates products and experiences that captivate the imagination combining vintage design with innovative techniques. 

  • Good & Mojo

    Good&Mojo is an ethical brand that reflects its love of the planet in its creations. For every lamp you buy, the brand makes a donation to the WakaWaka Foundation.

    The association raises funds to provide light and electricity to families in humanitarian aid situations. So when you buy light, you give light! It's as simple as that.

  • Hartô

    At HARTÔ, we love furniture and objects that are pratical. We believe that interiors should adapt seamlessly to our lifestyle, every day. This focuses our creativity on merging the practical aspects of every day living while adding that special finishing and fonctional touch that catches the eye.

  • Hélène Morbu

    Ceramicist Hélène MORBU is among the recipients of the 2016 Jeune Création Métiers d'Art Prize, awarded by Ateliers d'Art de France.It is in 2008 that she creates her studio in Nantes in France in which she realizes all her pieces exclusively by hand. Helene first addresses the relevance of common objects developing a collection of ceramics in small series. Her creations fit into a contemporary approach based on fundamental geometric shapes. Always attentive to the precision of proportions and detail, she designs each piece through drawing then shapes it using either the wheel or slip casting method. She is now exploring new paths by creating unique objects through a completely different process that is more experimental and empirical. Juggling with technical constraints and the plastic qualities of clay, she is developing a new language that combines delicacy of texture and purity of line. The result is vases with complex textured surfaces, true works of art.

  • HK Living

    A Dutch brand with a raw and edgy feel. Inspired by the past and given an eclectic twist. It is this combination that makes their collection so unique. An interior label with a global view! HKliving strengths not only reside in furniture and textiles, but also in the smaller accessories that can make all the difference in a hotel interior, an office, a restaurant or a coffee shop. 

  • Honoré

    Honoré is a french publishing house of furniture and decorative objects that draws its inspiration from sea and sun. Through their different collections, made in the respect of traditional methods, Annick Lestrohan and her daughter Ingrid Giribone combine raw materials such as metal, cotton, rope or wood, to furniture or objects with minimalist and clean lines.

  • Houe

    HOUE is a Danish design house founded in 2007. "We combine great comfortability and design in our work. Therefore, we always put a lot of effort into our product development striving to meet a high standard of craftsmanship. Our products are manufactured only on well-established factories with whom we have worked closely for several years. Our products are not random mass production – every detail, joint or component in our furniture is thoroughly chosen or invented by our experienced HOUE team to make a unique product. We are driven by affordable luxury as a philosophy, by choosing the right materials and solutions. We draw from a proud heritage of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship with mass appeal. HOUE offers both an outdoor and indoor collection, always meeting our high standards in terms of design, price and quality."

  • House Doctor

    The House Doctor universe fuses Scandinavian design with laid-back bohemian vibes. Here you find materials, shades and surfaces tying your décor beautifully together – in harmony and for you to enjoy. House Doctor offers furniture and interior products suited for every space. Products that add light, warmth and love to your home.

  • It's About RoMi

    It's About Romi is a design house founded in 1993 in Amsterdam. Based along Amsterdam's oldest canal, the brand offers contemporary, trend-setting lighting.

    The brand's creations plunge us into an urban universe with an industrial look, but also into nature with ecological materials. It's About Romi favours natural and pure materials such as cork, wood, concrete or recycled cardboard, to create simple, elegant and practical lighting fixtures.

    True decoders of influences, It's About RoMi designers bring back from their travels to the four corners of the world the latest trends in decoration, materials and styles.

  • Jungle by Jungle

    Founded in 2014 by Sabrina and Xavier Colas, Jungle by Jungle has the desire to offer children's furniture, functional and quality, but also beautiful and design. Their collections are distinguished by a simple, clean and colorful design. Smooth and rounded contemporary lines, which will travel and be transmitted over the years, through the innocence and poetry of happy childhoods. Today, the range continues to expand and also offers furniture for parents, which retains the strong identity of the brand (high quality materials, soft lines, craftsmanship). 

  • Kann Design

    The collective, headed by Kann, is a melting pot of independent craftsmen. Carpenters, welders, upholsterers, painters & weavers that work hand in hand to ensure high quality. They are the Kann makers. As an editor, Kann materializes designer’s ideas and drawings. Since its creation, Kann’s project is bringing together talented designers who share the same vision of contemporary design.

  • Kristina Dam Studio

    Kristina Dam Studio was founded by graphic designer and architect Kristina Dam in January 2012. Kristina Dam Studio has a mission of making art and interior merge, both in furniture, art prints, illustrations and sculptures. 

    Every piece is made from strong materials ensuring longevity and durability. Sophisticated, aesthetically beautiful and easy to fit into any space or home adding a unique and bold statement to the interior.

  • Kutikai

    The story of Kutikai is the tale of friends whose worlds are shaken by the arrival of children. Marysia and Dorota draws inspiration from their daily lives to design a simple, playful and creative furniture line. The 2 friends attach importance to the safety and quality of the materials: this makes their products exceptional pieces.

  • Lene Bjerre

    Some say it all comes down to the light. In the northern part of Denmark, situated in the midst of nature and with the sea close by, Lene Bjerre Design has its base. Here, the light is spectacular. At Lene Bjerre we have a history of merging handicrafts with design, and trends with tradition. We take pride in letting nature into our lives, and in creating rooms to live in. Rooms that reflect personalities, and let personalities have a base from which to engage in vibrant conversations, lovely dinner parties, candle lit nights and the everyday hustle and bustle that is life. Life is lived with people and when people gather, rooms are turned into homes. At Lene Bjerre, we travel the world for inspiration, finding it in objects used by people, in culture, in nature, and in techniques. Some might say Lene Bjerre merges current trends with the classic Scandinavian feel because of the light that surrounds us. We say we do it because of the people: The dedicated, creative and talented people of the company, and the people who want to live in beautiful rooms, sharing them with people they love.

  • Lou Candeloun

    Imagine yourself on a market in Provence. You walk through the stalls, it smells like thyme blossom, then sage and cloves. Handcrafted candles, beautiful to look at and good for your health, that's the challenge Lou Candeloun took up, which means candle in Provençal. Production could only take place in this region so rich in scents.
    The candles are cast one by one, by hand. In addition to perfumes, their specificity comes from the very nature of wax: no paraffin derived from petroleum. Lou Candeloun's wax is 100% vegetable and natural, it does not denature fragances, does not hurt the lungs and is of French origin. Even the wicks are made of natural cotton.

  • Madam Stoltz

    Madam Stoltz is specialized in Interior design and decoration, from fantastic textiles to industrial furnitures and lamps, from practical accessories to cozy need-to-haves. The Madam Stoltz products are sold in shops all over the world. Be inspired by the Madam Stoltz atmosphere and the sense of home sweet home.

  • Molleni

    Each plate of the Molleni collection is handcrafted in Giuseppe's workshop, in the purest respect of the tradition of the ceramists of the Florence region in Italy. A region rich in clay and famous for centuries for the work of its ceramists.
    Giuseppe's workshop has been in existence for several decades. It combines the know-how of the craftsmen of the region with modern techniques that sublimate the work of the artists.
    Each piece being produced to order, a delivery time of about 4 weeks is to be taken into account for your order.

  • Northern

    The Northern brand was born in the studios of Northern Lighting, where a team of creatives has been illuminating lives for the past twelve years. We combine beauty with functionality, and prefer natural materials and genuine craftsmanship. Furniture and interior accessories are a natural fit for what we do, enabling us to express our characteristic style in a whole new scale.

  • Oasiq

    Oasiq outdoor furniture bridges the divide between indoors and outdoors effortlessly. Dining, playing, relaxing, resting, entertaining guests – every activity is catered for. Ultimately however, Oasiq collections serve a purpose beyond functionality. The brand endeavours to enrich people’s experience of outdoor living. To connect them with the beauty found in nature’s elegant creations. For we believe that an appealing outdoor setting, crafted with attention to detail, contributes to people’s feeling of well-being.

  • Pikaplant

    Because greener living is better living. A plant-rich environment makes people more creative, more productive, and reduces stress. Some plants also help regulate air humidity and remove trace toxins from the air. Plants are good for people. That’s why we’re making it easier for you to care for healthy plants anywhere.

  • Q de bouteilles

    What is a bottle of wine, if not a special memory of a shared moment, a friendship, a party, a discussion, a love story? At Q de bouteilles, we believe that waste is a lack of creativity. This is why we have chosen to make those sacred moments last by giving bottles a second life, once they’re emptied from their wine, and fulfilled with memories.

  • Red Edition

    French brand specialized in furniture, Red Edition presents elegant collections with a simple and colorful design that will make you travel. Its founder Cyril Laborbe wanted to concentrate in Red Edition the immediacy of digital, the simplicity of connections and accessibility to other cultures.

  • Sebra

    Sebra was founded by Mia Dela in 2004. Mia left Kolding School of Design in Denmark in 2001 as a trained designer. Mia then worked for several years as a designer. She became mother for the first time in late 2002. During this period, she started to decorate a room for her son Gustav. She did not find any children interior collections on the market that were to her liking in quality and design. This was the start of Sebra.
    Sebra Interiør is about modern design and an innovative choice of colours, combined with old kinds of hand crafts such as crocheting and knitting. A large part of the collection is handmade and of natural materials such as wood and cotton. Safety and quality are of very high importance for Sebra.

  • Serax

    Serax enhances your home, adds personality to your interior, and creates unforgettable moments at the dining table. Relying only on the most passionate designers from all over the globe, Serax produces traditional handicraft. From Vietnam through Antwerp to Portugal, items are manufactured by skilled craftsmen who respect the basic idea of each design. Collections are unique for their shapes, materials and style. Serax looks for beauty every day, for the good things that make life worth living, the things that create a home that inspires happiness.

  • Sika-Design

    Sika-Design is a Danish family business founded by the Andreasen family for more than 3 generations. Since 1950, Sika-Design offers handmade furniture that combines aesthetics, durability and comfort. The designers offer Scandinavian-inspired collections featuring rattan, wicker and wood.

  • Snowpuppe

    Studio Snowpuppe is a happy, colorful and independent studio from The Hague. Using natural materials the brand tries to design products that make the world a little more beautiful.
    Paper filters the cold light of an energy saving light bulb into a cosy lamp for your home, that shines a warm natural light. "We hope to make you smile and brighten up your living."

  • String

    Certain things become so strongly associated with an era that they become timeless. this is certainly true of nils strinning’s shelf system, string®, which was designed in 1949. it may seem strange that something as simple and humble as this little dainty light shelf with its thin side panels has become one of the twentieth century’s foremost design icons.
    The reasons are several; the thin packaging is simple and cheap to transport, the shelf is easy to assemble, the shelves can be quickly repositioned, shelves of various depths can be combined and books are held in place by the side panels, it is stable and can be extended in all directions. whether the wall surface is large or small string® is functional. it’s the side panel which gives string® its character. elegant and clean-limbed are the coloured threads, a slender ”ladder” ascending the wall, ingenious, variable, flexible… it’s not strange that post-war europeans, who were thirsting for freedom, adored string®. particularly the young, those who had begun to be called teenagers.

  • Tadé

    From the very beginning of Tadé Pays du Levant, Thaddée de Slizewicz’s priority has been that of putting people at the very heart of his venture. Behind each product, lies a real encounter with an artisan, with his or her craft but also with the family, their day-to-day life and their past. Each item has been designed and developed by Thaddée de Slizewicz together with each artisan, in a direct and unique relationship in which traditions and skills specific to individual regions, towns, villages are accorded their just value. The Caravanserai collection reflects Tadé’s dedication to selecting natural ingredients and fine materials that are then crafted beautifully by hand. Resolutely contemporary, with a consideration for current trends, each item is designed to be timeless and functional.

  • Tedzukuri Atelier

    Tedzukuri Atelier was born from the need to create. To create beautiful colorful objects at a human scale that will bring color and texture to the spaces they decorate. We are a couple of designers based in Paris. Ana is an architect and wished to complement her activity with something more immediate and approachable, combining soft materials and new shapes at the human scale. Pedro is a scientist and diy enthusiast and wanted to let free his creative side to create beautiful light fixtures that will brighten any space.
    Experimenting with origami techniques and different materials and colors gave birth to the Hanahi lamp, the first creation of Tedzukuri. All lamps are hand folded by us and materials are as sustainable and recyclable as possible.

  • The Rug Republic

    The Rug Republic (TRR) is a curated collection of over 600 trend-sellers always in-stock with an ex-factory delivery time of 3 weeks Worldwide, a pioneering achievement in the Floor Fashion Business. TRR has been created by Studio Sharda, a leading Indian manufacturer and one of the most creative Floor Fashion studios in the world. With over 3 decades of manufacturing and International experience, Studio Sharda has been serving reputed Importers, Retailers, Catalogs, Designers and various high-street fashion-brands in over 80 countries, worldwide.

  • Tinja

    Tinja is a unique interior design concept, its credo is: handcrafted modern. Tinja aspires to offer a contemporary interpretation of handicraft traditions existing in Tunisia and those brought by many other cultures and influences throughout the years. Through its collaboration with local craftsmen, Tinja has created seven product lines, each one using a specific material or technique, conferring each line a unique stance on local heritage.
    Therefore, Tinja went to explore the rich diversity of Tunisian landscapes to meet these men and women who carry on the traditions. For Tinja is above all a human adventure where enthusiastic collaboration is materialized on the objects of the collection. Tinja aims to share its conviction that handcrafted traditions must be rediscovered and that particular attention ought to be given to the richness of the material used, the beauty of its imperfections, the contemplation of nature, the respect of the handmade process, the pleasure of letting things naturally answer it and evolve, and to the time it takes a human hand to tame an element.

  • Umasqu

    Tzachi Nevo is the designer and creator of the modern decorative wall decor brand Umasqu. He has been graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design’s Industrial Design department in 1990. Upon graduating, he was working as a product designer before going on to other adventures in the online marketing world. A few years back, during a rough time in his life, he realized it’s time to go back to a hands on product design, he suddenly felt the need to return to the studio, to the design process, to working with his own two hands with various materials and most of all he felt the need to create. And so he did. With his love to toys and games and with his inner child, his sense of humor and his general approach to life, he entered the studio and started his own brand of original wall decor and named it ‘Urban Masquerade’ which turned after two years to Umasqu.

  • Vincent Sheppard

    Vincent Sheppard has been designing and manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture with exceptional seating comfort since 1992. This company is worldwide market leader in Lloyd Loom furniture, a technique where Kraft paper is twisted around a metal wire and woven into unique furniture pieces.
    Vincent Sheppard started with the goal of honoring and preserving the tradition and history of the Lloyd Loom weaving technique. To accomplish this goal, they have developed a close collaboration with the local people of Cirebon, Indonesia. Known for its tradition in weaving and bending rattan, Cirebon was the perfect area to build the main production plant. The knowledge and skills of the local craftsmen elevate their products to pieces of art, each and every one of them handcrafted to perfection. Through the years, Vincent Sheppard has extended their product range with other natural and durable materials.

  • Wewood

    Wewood is a Portuguese brand founded in 2010, as the result of the Research and Development Office of Móveis Carlos Alfredo, a company specialized in manufacturing & exporting solid wood furniture since 1964.

    "We believe in the perfect combination of design and woodworking between artisans and designers." Each piece is born from the inspiration and creativity of the most talented designers and architects, turned into reality by the hands, wisdom and experience of craftsmen.

  • Woud

    WOUD has developed a universe where each product has its own place and reason for existence. The drive of WOUD for creating long-lasting original designs introduced them to a lot of inspiring personalities and friendships. The brand believes good design is long-lasting when it is build within a universe where every product has a meaning, a purpose and a function. Each one with a unique style – all with coherent modern interpretation on the Scandinavian design heritage.